A half Lebanese, half Palestinian designer who has an obsession towards hats and the art of embroidery.

Kinda Afifi is a fashion brand focused on the art of embroidery; mainly on hats, that creates one of a kind luxury handmade hats that empower both the Palestinian woman making them and the customers that buy them! The brands values revolve around empowerment, belonging and craftsmanship and this is reflected through our customers as a lot want to know more about the story behind the brand when purchasing an item.

Currently Lebanon hosts close to 450,000 Palestinian refugees in 12 camps. Conditions for the communities living in refugee camps in Lebanon are notoriously difficult and employment opportunities are limited. At the same time, traditionally it is not usual for the women to seek employment outside their immediate surroundings. It was these social problems that led me to establish Kinda Afifi as a way of creating employment for refugee Palestinian women. The women from the camps embroide the designs onto the hats and other products by hand. The embroidery is done with precision and care. The work allows the women a sense of empowerment and belonging, and that is the goal that Kinda Afifi aims for.