bymystique fine jewelry eastwave concept

Bymystique is a fine Jewelry is a fusion of exquisite, and meaningful jewelry pieces that are versatile and timeless. Founded by Iman Fawaz, pieces are expertly handcrafted in Dubai and combined with the finest local craftsmanship with ethically sourced 18-Karat recycled gold that is good for the planet. Celebrate the love for nature and the magic of the stars with every jewelry piece. All pieces are crafted with inspiration from the beauty of celestial objects; the sun, the stars, and the moon.

At Bymystique, they love natures’ elements and believe in protecting its resources. Using 100% fine diamonds & precious gemstones, all jewelry is made with recycled gold that was previously in the consumer chain. Welcoming a range from high-end rings, pendants and earrings that are sustainably made-to-order specially for you.