Describe a day in the life as Zaid Farouki.

Pre-COVID, my life was always calculated down to the minute: up by 5:30 am for an early morning workout, get ready and allocate some time for myself to catch up on the news and my favorite podcasts. I usually arrive to the studio before 9 am to prep for appointments, work on prototyping, sketching, meeting with the team and getting our day’s plan into action. In the evening, I would have always scheduled a catchup dinner with a friend. I love staying in contact/meeting friends over a meal. 

Why did you choose this particular category for your brand?

We started of by creating one of a kind wearable paintings sculptures and light installations. After collaborating with MINI COOPER over a RTW menswear line, we found a gap in the market so we launched a unisex RTW line as well: Zaid by Zaid Farouki. 

What is the top trait your brand is most known for?  

Blending art, culture, and fashion. East meets West. 

What’s a surprising fact about you or your brand that your customers may not know yet? 

I have a degree in business administration, I studied fashion afterwards. 

Which other designer part of the EW family do you admire & why?  

Ohhh the list goes on and on. These are to name a few whom I personally know:

I got to meet Nadine Kanso early on in my journey. Her work is impeccable; she is a figure to look up to and was very welcoming and inspirational. 

Talar Nina is also a close friend of mine and we started our journeys together. I will always support a dear friend and a fashion entrepreneur.  

Rula Galayini is also a person in the industry that I admire. We have worked in the same circles. Definitely admire her and how she managed to spread around her work. 

What do you hope your customers feel or appreciate most while wearing your pieces? (e.g. pride in culture, craftmanship, etc.)  

Our pieces tell their stories: representation and pride, a cultural and artistic representation.