We’re Here to Stay!

We’re Here to Stay!

After two seasons of introducing you to our favorite middle eastern designers through limited pop ups hosted on our site, we’re so excited to finally announce that we’re officially here for good. That means you can shop and discover new, emerging designers with us whenever you want. 

“We already know how much potential the Middle East holds when it comes to boosting creativity and talent. So now our job is to help spread that awareness to the West through EASTWAVE Concept,” says co-founder Judy Daghestani. “EASTWAVE CONCEPT goes above and beyond just providing a platform to sell. It's only the beginning.”


Instead of dropping seasons you can only shop for a limited time, we’ll continuously update our site with the latest and greatest that our founders, Dana Mortada and Judy Daghestani, have curated from all over the middle east.

Mortada and Daghestani founded EASTWAVE Concept with a mission of introducing MENA (Middle East and North Africa) designers to the West. Mortada, a stylist by trade, lives in Los Angeles. Daghestani, founder of MENA retail content hub Curated Today, lives in Dubai. Their love of fashion and desire to propel young, emerging MENA designers into the Western spotlight led them to co-found EASTWAVE Concept in 2020.