The Value in Showcasing Brand Heritage

The Value in Showcasing Brand Heritage

What do the most successfully renown brands in modern luxury have in common regardless of their establishment or size? Distinct stories. “Brands express and share their heritage in the form of a narrative - a crisp, meaningful, relevant, and memorable story - a brand story.” 

When certain brands come to mind over others, chances are they do so for a reason. We may recognize brands for their stellar quality or intricate patterns, but at the end of the day, we remember those that have memorable brand stories with a purpose, emulated via their distinct marketing collaterals, product designs or merchandising displays. 

At EASTWAVE, we especially wanted to partner with brands who kept their cultured histories intact within their brand DNAs. Armenian-American Season 1 designer, Talar Nina says “her heritage and childhood often serve as the inspiration behind most of the brand’s pieces.” Evident in her rich stitching and eclectic colors, each of her designs represent the way she appreciates her Armenian roots. By sharing this sentiment with the public, we all catch a taste of Talar’s rooted inspiration behind her brand.

 Another Season 1 brand that distinctively uses his heritage as a means to design is Zaid by Zaid Farouki. Zaid boasts “I also have an American passport and I’ve been educated in both the USA and Europe.  But my Arab heritage is what defines me the most.” His latest collection, I am Sharqi (I am Oriental) entails products such as his famous Sharqi T-shirt or pants, which both display Arabic writing that portrays the nuances behind his prideful ancestry.