The Mind Behind RONI HELOU

The Mind Behind RONI HELOU

Describe a day in the life as Roni Helou.

On a typical day after waking up, I make a vegan smoothie for breakfast, feed my cats, answer emails, work with the team and then we all have lunch together. I then finish the rest of the day’s meetings and head out to meet my friends in the evening.

Why did you choose this particular category for your brand?

What I love about the ready to wear fashion category is the freedom it offers when it comes to design and the experimentation it allows in pattern-making.

What is the top trait your brand is most known for

I believe my brand is most known for its sustainable and eco-responsible values.

What’s a surprising fact about you or your brand that your customers may not know yet?

People are often surprised when I tell them that the brand and I stand against the silk industry because I believe that the mass boiling of larvae is unethical.

Which other designer part of the EW family do you admire & why?

I admire all the designers who make up the EW family as they are elevating our regional creative community to a more global one.

What do you hope your customers feel or appreciate most while wearing your pieces?

I hope they feel a sense of engagement in the bigger picture. I hope my pieces push them to appreciate the planet and its resources and make them realize that we can have craftsmanship and design while still respecting the boundaries of our environment.