Spring 2021: Mixing It Up

Spring 2021: Mixing It Up

2020 has been a drag. With lockdowns in place, our clothes sat withering away in accumulated closet dust over the gloomy year. As the weather gets warmer, you may be thinking that it’s time for a closet cleaning sesh. We get it, we’re also fans of spring cleaning but that doesn’t mean we have to recycle our old pieces just yet. We’re thinking we revamp instead.

EW ready to wear and jewelry designers like Talar Nina, PhiloMrs. KeepaNemozenaMorenaRoni HelouSara Melki and Nafiska Skourti have been applauded for mixing and matching the unexpected in order to create a standout look. For example, if you have an oversized button shirt that you’ve worn one too many times, with the same pair of high-rise boyfriend jeans and casual flats (guilty, I know), try wearing it with Talar Nina’s drawstring shorts and Morena’s booties instead. How about Philo’s eclectic glasses paired with Nemozena’s feminine, fitted pastel dress? You know what they say: opposites attract.


Ordinary is so 2020. Let’s thrive in 2021 by mixing up our wardrobes and feeling fresh. After all, we should be celebrating that we’ve made it past the darkest of days. In fact, Loréal projects that we may be living in a modern-day ‘roaring 20s’ era sooner than we think. “People will be happy to go out again, to socialize, this will be like the Roaring 20s, there will be a fiesta in makeup and in fragrances. Putting on lipstick again will be a symbol of returning to life.” The same can be said about our outfits — it’s almost time to dress the part. 

With Love,
EW Founders