Nadine Kanso of BIL ARABI

Nadine Kanso of BIL ARABI

Describe a day in the life as Nadine Kanso.

My day starts slow with a cup of hot water and a lemon, then an espresso outdoors to get a bit of sun and tan to get me going. I hate to rush so I take my time to get to the office.

Once at the office the shift happens and it’s full with emails, check Instagram and news to know whats happening in the world. I prefer to work late and I like to stay late at the office. I usually try to have a quick bite at lunch with a friend to catch up.

Dinner at home, then a cigarillo in the garden if weather permits it or a night out with friends. Finally, I try to read at night before I sleep.

Why did you choose this particular category for your brand? (refer to RTW, Jewellery, etc. depending on your brand.) 

I wanted people to wear their Arabic letters so they represent their identity and culture wherever they go, to be proud of who they are.

What is the top trait your brand is most known for?  

We took Arabic calligraphy to a different level, we made it contemporary and cool. 

What’s a surprising fact about you or your brand that your customers may not know yet?  

Bil Arabi was the first fine jewelry brand to work with the Arabic letter.

Which other designer part of the EW family do you admire & why?

Mrs.Keepa as she is original and has an outstanding character and DNA.

What do you hope your customers feel or appreciate most while wearing your pieces?

I would go for pride and a great product.