Leila Abotira of ALIEL

Leila Abotira of ALIEL

Describe a day in the life as Leila Abotira.

I wake up, drink my coffee, workout, work, meet up with some friends and family, eat, watch a movie, listen to music, sleep. Actually my day does not end by doing the simple routine. I’m a daydreamer. When I day dream I connect unrelated things together and when I connect, I imagine, when I imagine, I create, and when I create, I feel Free. Having my own brand gave me the opportunity to connect my imaginary world through artistic pieces. 

Why did you choose this particular category for your brand?

My Dad is a fashion designer and an artist so I am was always exposed to creating things. Growing up in an artistic family gave me a good eye when it comes to details and finishing. I naturally gained a lot of knowledge and experience in leather crafting at a young age, so eventually I started my own brand. I don’t want to limit myself to a certain category because I believe I still have a lot more to create. 

What is the top trait your brand is most known for?  

Fun, free Spirited, young, bold. Creating pieces that are out of the ordinary that grabs the attention is one of the main unique DNA of Aliel. 

What’s a surprising fact about you or your brand that your customers may not know yet? 

ALIEL is my name spelled backwards “Leila”.

Which other designer part of the EW family do you admire & why?

Actually I am grateful and lucky to be surrounded by the top high fashion and jewelry designers within the Middle East Region. Every single creative part of the EASTWAVE Family has a bold and inspiring story to share. 

What do you hope your customers feel or appreciate most while wearing your pieces?

Young, proud and free.