Jewelry’s Sentimental Value in Today’s Sensitive World

Jewelry’s Sentimental Value in Today’s Sensitive World


While is it counter-intuitive to believe that one would spend more money during this volatile time, in fact customers may choose to take on luxury online shopping for more than a pretty aesthetic. EW takes a deeper dive into the sentimental meanings that come with fine jewelry.

During the pandemic, certain jewelry pieces have been sought after more than others. For instance, symbolic jewelry with meaning is more likely to be purchased over everyday fashion accessories. According to WWD, specifically Talisman focused jewels - those with mystical purpose to protect, such as evil eye or Fatima’s hand - give clients hope and strength during this uncertain period of our lives. 

Three of EW’s season one jewelry designer brands - Ammanii, Bil Arabi and L’Atelier Nawbar - create pieces with symbolic meaning for this very reason. Nawbar believes that the “eye is a Mediterranean symbol that wards off bad energy and protects the wearer from envy and jealousy,” while Ammanii claims her Sa’mma protective eye ring is “a reminder of the higher powers watching over us.”

Nadine Kanso, the Lebanese designer behind Dubai-based fine jewelry brand, Bil Arabi, meaning ‘In Arabic’, boasts on the other hand, “I consider my jewelry as one medium for communicating what it means to be young and Arab and proud.” 

Since the devastating August 4th blast in Beirut, Lebanese brands have suffered from shattered homes and ateliers, but not to mention, dreams. Designers now more than ever are uniting their efforts to support one another. Bil Arabi’s Nadine Kanso is one of them and has always used luxury jewelry as a means to express her love and pride of her Lebanese heritage. “The first word I designed on a pendant was "Bhibbak", or "I love you" which was initially a confession of love to Lebanon but can be adapted by the wearer to the love of a person.” 

So it is no surprise that when one purchases a piece of jewelry during challenging times, it represents an emblem of hope and protection.