It's Barbies World and We're just living in it

It's Barbie's World & We're Just Living In It

I always had a love-hate relationship with hot pink growing up. On the one hand, in the 2000's owning pink outfits, gizmos, and accessories (think pencil sharpeners, backpacks, Sketchers shoes, retainer cases, etc.), felt like it was our right to our adolescent womanhood. 

On the other hand, wear it too much, and you were trying too hard to be '*~PrEtTy In PiNk*~ (AKA my first AOL screen name - not lying, by the way). Let's not forget that sporting the right shade of pink back then mattered too. Was it neon pink? Magenta? Fuschia? And what does fuchsia even mean anyways? Talk about pre-teen woes! 

Just as I thought "Millennial Pink" was a color of the past, flashforward to 2022, and this tricky tint is once again all the rage.


SS22 Runways in Pink

All hues of pink were spotted on SS22 designer runways like Dior, McQueen, Valentino, Versace, and more. Since spring, according to Harper's Bazaar, the word 'pink' has been searched more often lately: "on the fashion shopping app Lyst, searches for pink items have increased by 24 percent in the past month [of March]—with a spike following the Valentino show as mentioned earlier."


Celebreties in Pink - Plentiful

Celebrities have been quick to embrace the hue, too; just ask Megan Fox, who was just seen wearing an all-pink number to her future hubby's show at Madison Square Garden. Or how about Margot Robbie's full-on country-esq pink outfit while filming her latest movie, Barbie? Male celebrities like Travis Barker were even spotted wearing a hot pink trench to the Grammys.

Margot Robbie in Pink


Pink History

Knowing this, we were curious to learn more about how the meaning of pink evolved over generations. According to Vogue, in 1937, the late Italian couturier Elsa Schiaparelli dubbed magenta her signature color so that her pieces could stand out during the war-faced 1940s. 

And across the world, China and India viewed pink as a color of high social status since the dyes used to color clothing were expensive and imported from far away countries. Today, in the US, the color is often used to symbolize special movements like Breast Cancer Awareness and the 2017 Women's March. 

But was pink always 'for the girls?' Surprisingly, pink was associated with masculinity until the 1940s, when boys were seen in pink and girls in blue (I know!). So in 1950, Mimi Eisenhower claimed the color was for the ladies when she wore an all-pink gown during her inauguration. Soon after, Marilyn Monroe started flaunting rose-colored outfits in her films over the decade. Audrey Hepburn's famous slogan "If she's gotta think, think pink!" sounds pretty relevant right about now!


Pink is the New Black - Or: We're living in Barbies World

So grab your favorite pink pair of shoes… belt... bag… shirt skirt... (literally everything) and pair them all together. You can even mix and match colors like pink and black, pink and blue, and more – the more, the merrier in 2022. Because if you're going to give in to the inevitable, then at least look good while doing it, right?