Introducing THE HOLIDAY EDIT: A Note from the Founders

Introducing THE HOLIDAY EDIT: A Note from the Founders


Welcome to EASTWAVE! Thank you for your continuous support since our initial launch earlier this year. 

EASTWAVE is a virtual pop up concept that changes the game of the ordinary e-commerce format. Our founding vision was to enable MENA artists to reach new audiences through new sale and exposure opportunities, especially during these inexpressible circumstances in 2020. Thanks to you, in season one we introduced our high end and modern luxury brands to global celebrities and befriended new shoppers based in Australia, Europe, Los Angeles, New York and more! 

Come December 1, 16 talented designers join forces this Holiday season to spread awareness around the world about designing authentically and close to the heart. The artists - all hailing from Middle Eastern countries - come together in order to empower each other and thrive against said challenging odds.

EASTWAVE is proud to announce THE HOLIDAY EDIT 2020, a unique interim pop up on our website that showcases mixed curated pieces from an intimate group of mens and womens fashion and accessory designers who have genuine stories to tell.

From Sarah’s Bag empowering Lebanese imprisoned women, to KAD providing job opportunities for Palestinian refugees, to Dania Shinkar creating high end, sustainable handbags, and Talar Nina and Zaid by Zaid Farouki using Armenian and Palestinian crafted designs to give ode to their heritage, our collective family of artists are no ordinary designers.  

Our experienced artists value slow, ethical fashion, true in their designs and prideful of their heritage.  

During THE HOLIDAY EDIT, we commemorate the dedicated persistence thus far and commend their aim in supporting their communities through their work.

Let’s hope for a more positive and stronger tomorrow.

To new beginnings. Enjoy!


EASTWAVE Co-founder
Christian Daccache
Judy Daghestani
Dana Mortada