Hit Refresh: Season 2

Hit Refresh: Season 2

On a hot summer’s day, we stood at the top of TenTen Wilshire’s helipad in Downtown Los Angeles waiting to shoot the first look of the Season 2 EASTWAVE campaign: HIT REFRESH. Our two models, Sabina and Trinity, stood tall - wearing Pearl and Rubies’ double neon suits, Redu’s pastel colored retro handbags, Laién’s drop-down earrings and Morena's open-toed kitten heels - and their gorgeous profiles illuminated against the surrounding high rises behind them. Our videographer George approached the models and started explaining to them what the next scene would look like, while Viktorija, our photographer, started snapping practice shots of the lime green backdrop to prep. Amidst the blazing Los Angeles rays and crisp refreshing breeze, our team stood in full force. Right before the first shot I quickly looked down at my shoes to ponder: good riddance 2020 - we’re back.

Season 1 of EASTWAVE - launched August 4th 2020 - was challenging for designers, our team and cautious consumers. Not only was COVID-19 well underway, but also our Lebanese designers - many of whom based in Beirut’s popular creative district, Mar Mikhael - were affected directly by the disastrous blast that left many with both shattered studios and hearts, forcing some to temporarily close shop mid-way through the season. 

Despite the challenges, we managed to pull through and introduce our MENA talent to new clients around the world and land major PR milestones, like when Kylie Jenner sported one of our original handbag designers, Aliel proudly on her shoulder.

Now, fast forward to September 2021 and we’re ready to showcase our brands to the world again; this time under better conditions. It’s time to HIT REFRESH.

Who We Are

EASTWAVE is a fluid and transformative experience that accommodates sustainable operations and enables brands to reach new customers worldwide, specifically across the East and West.

What We Do Differently

Unlike standard pop-ups, EASTWAVE goes the extra mile. Not only do we help brands to sell to new customers, but also we promote them using PR tactics in both Los Angeles and across MENA. Further, we help them develop their product designs that we know through experience, will appeal to our target audiences.

Launching on September 18th, Season 2’s HIT REFRESH will be a virtual concept held on eastwaveconcept.com. The theme stems from the idea that our brands are bravely starting anew since the Pandemic emerged and political and economical devastations across the Middle East escalated in 2020. We, collectively, have been challenged to rise above the turmoil. Season 2 will host new and recurring 15 fashion and jewelry brands of Middle East origin, that together tell a prideful story for a better tomorrow.


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