Lessons of Motherhood

Lessons of Motherhood

A baby’s contagious and half-toothed smile, a child’s bear hug, a toddler’s first, prideful bike ride around the block and a teenager’s first driver’s license. From pintsized to milestone moments, they all count in our book. In honor of Mother’s Day in USA, we spoke with our EASTWAVE friends about what motherhood means to them, and most importantly what being a mother has taught them in this journey we call life. 

Mama of two, Kat Lebrasse expressed that she never felt younger: “Being a mother has taught me to always find the rainbow magic in everything life throws at us. It has brought back the kid in me.”

While Haya Akhdar, founder of HFA Consultancy in Dubai expresses how being a Mom has helped develop her character: “Motherhood has taught me the most important lessons in life: unconditional love first but also the incredible qualities of being patient, earning trust, and learning to control your fears.”

Parents seem to learn more about their children every day, but mostly about themselves. Being consistently tried and tested by their children is only part of the experience; learning from them gives motherhood an entire new meaning.

Cohost of Dubai’s premier pregnancy and motherhood podcast, Al Umuma, Karen Abou Joude adds “We often think having children means we have to teach and pass our wisdom on to them; but what I have come to realize as a mother, is that a child comes into your life in order to teach you growth, wisdom, and wander. My child is my biggest teacher.

Being a mother helps us realize what our own parents sacrificed for us. Parenthood alters our appreciation for what we were given during our upbringing, claims Zeynab El Helw of Fashion Pirate: “Being a mother has taught me the meaning of life! It has made me understand how much our parents sacrificed in raising us and giving us everything we need."

Last but not least, EASTWAVE’s cofounder, Dana Mortada leaves us with her newfound sentiments towards becoming a mother: “Since becoming a mother five months ago, I’m learning to let go of the small things; and it is okay not to always have it together at all times. The best thing my baby has taught me is to be present and enjoy every moment. On my first Mother’s Day, I feel extra special, because it has given me a reason to strive to be the absolute best person I could be. Loving it!” 

What does motherhood mean to you?