Fashion Week Favorites

Fashion Week Favorites

“You have to be aware of the past but always moving forward,” said Creative Director of Valentino, Pierpaolo Piccioli when he referred to his quaint and historic Spring Summer 2022 location at Paris Fashion Week. Matthew Williams of Givenchy echoed the sentiment; overall he wants to “build on the tradition of [the label’s] history while also really looking towards the future.”

After a painfully long and enduring stretch, it has been refreshing to see bustling streets filled up again with dolled-up tourists anxious to embrace the glitz and glam of this seasons’ runways. The hustle emulates hope and romance: Fashion is back. Anticipation is back. Seasons are back.

To this end, modern luxury designers have emerged with symbolic trends that represent their newfound mindsets post COVID-19. For example the ‘chic yet tough’ look – seen in Saint Laurent’s Parisian show – portrayed women as the girl-bosses that they are, despite the many environmental and political challenges women have to endure today. Think darker colors, bulky oversized cuts and functional overlays. It’s minimalism at its finest.

BLSSD —our newest Ready to Wear brand to join Season 2— embodies the monochrome aesthetic in its every-day, functional staples. Lama Riachi, founder behind the brand and cancer survivor, created her label in an effort to make a difference: “Today BLSSD functions as a social enterprise fashion brand, dedicated to helping individuals in need whose lives have been touched by cancer,” as mentioned on their website.

Further, the unisex trend has been embraced by the wider fashion houses this year. In London’s show, Helen Anthony showcased bold patterned tweed jackets and suits on both male and female models; both looking too glam for their own good. EASTWAVE’s Season 2 brands BLSSD, Zaid by Zaid Farouki, Jeux De Mains and Yassmin Saleh all believe that their clothes can be worn by both men and women, portraying how we are the canvases and the clothes are unique works of art that complement whoever wears them.

The last major trend seen this season was sustainability, or ‘climate friendly’ men’s and women’s fashion. To no surprise, producing ethically has been practiced by designers more diligently over the years as human rights and climate change issues escalate. This season, Stella McCartney showcased fashionable yet responsibly-sourced pieces; “Stella’s latest collection sported 63% eco-friendly materials.”

At EASTWAVE, we love to highlight slow-fashion labels from MENA as this is where our future is headed. To name a few of our accessory labels, Fyne Jewellery is a sustainable fine jewelry brand that produces locally and ethically-crafted lab-made diamonds while Laién is a functional fashion jewelry brand that manufactures standout, earthy pieces in responsible ways. Also handbag brands like BOADK, known to use recycled olive and oak wood to make one-of-a-kind pieces, and REDU, known for its embossed faux leather styles that demonstrate lasting effects, are making notable strides in Cairo. Last not least, footwear brand Morena uses ethically sourced embellishments and is working towards using sustainable packaging.