Enchanté, Anniversary Edition | Part 2

Enchanté, Anniversary Edition | Part 2

So, there you have it - after the inception of EASTWAVE Concept, we launched on August 1st, 2020.

We managed, considering we started the week that the tragic Beirut bombing happened. To add to our plate, COVID was just a few months into its long and outlived life ahead. We had no idea what we were in for.

A few weeks after the Beirut bombings, some of our designers, like Sara Melki and Yassmin Saleh, told us that their studios were directly affected and that they had to close down for a while. Others moved to other countries, like Aura Headpieces to the USA and Jeux De Mains to Egypt.

We, too, decided that we needed to create a strategy: establish what we would be known for in this uncertain climate.


The Virtual Pop-Up

We decided to be a virtual 'pop-up' that would come and go to create anticipation, and we would first launch in 'seasons' to constantly introduce newness and additional brands.

As we were starting in the e-commerce world, we launched our Season 1 pop-up on Maison Orient's website. Ayse, Maison Orient's founder, had an established online operation going; hence we felt that to support her business and, at the same time, start ours, we could both benefit by collaborating to support emerging designers.


The Online Presence

We learned a lot from this experience, enough to want to launch our very own website by the end of 2020!

We recently revamped our website on Shopify in early 2022, which is the current version you are exploring now, and now call ourselves an ongoing, always-on e-commerce store. Out with the old, in with the new!

Since 2020, through our PR agency in Los Angeles, TATA, and partners in Dubai, such as Empyre Communications, we have managed to have the likes of Shay Mitchell, Kylie Jenner, Christine Quinn, Karen Wazen, and more wear our brands' items.

Since we started, we have signed on around 50 brands from countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates (to name a few) and managed to create long-lasting relationships with them, with several staying on since the beginning.


The EASTWAVE Campaigns

We have enjoyed producing two original EASTWAVE Concept campaigns so far, with our co-founder, Dana acting as a stylist and creative director.

The first campaign was done in Summer 2021, where we shot our RTW clothing and accessories on two models on a rooftop in downtown LA.

We also just finished our latest campaign - a studio shoot in July 2022 - featuring two diverse models and a whole pop of color.

Summer 2022 Campaign - EASTWACE Concept

With each campaign, we want our subscribers to get to know our brands and us a little bit more in a more playful environment. Our campaigns represent our ethos in showcasing our talents from the region in unique ways!

Together is always better.

You might be wondering, what's next for us?

Only time will tell, but we do know that we want to keep bringing you new talent with one-of-a-kind pieces to explore. With COVID subsiding, expect some in-person pop-ups soon, and know that with every purchase, you are supporting our mission of getting these designers the recognition they deserve worldwide!