Carolina Chammas of AURA HEADPIECES

Carolina Chammas of AURA HEADPIECES

Describe a day in the life as Carolina Chammas.

A day in my life is mostly filled with a lot of: multitasking, discussing important topics with my team, meeting with my artisans, getting fabrics and stones, customer service, dropping orders, lots of water & chocolate, zoom meetings, online classes, yoga, supermarket and taking care of my sausage puppy dog.

My routine has been altered due to COVID 19 and to the Beirut explosion, as we lost our workspace. But thankfully I am able to manage to keep the work going regardless to keep our spirits high and our brand alive.

Why did you choose this particular category for your brand?

Our brand category is quite peculiar as it sits between accessories, jewelry, beauty and bridal. And in some department stores they even consider headpieces as part of millinery! Hair accessories are a relatively new category for department stores worldwide which is why our journey was a unique one for us. Because we were dealing with a new kind of product and we really needed to go through various trials and errors to figure things out in the business world. And this is what makes our story so special. 

What is the top trait your brand is most known for?

I guess the top trait that our brand is most known for is it’s artisan aesthetic and all the pieces are entirely handmade. It is based on a special know-how and hours and hours of dedicated craftsmanship and meticulous work for each piece. Each piece is a labor of love and a story of its own. We are not a very big team which means that each one of us invests ourselves to make customers happy.

What’s a surprising fact about you or your brand that your customers may not know yet? 

What is surprising about our brand is that we really a small team of 5. Yes we have been present for 8 years now but it is a small company. And we all try to complement each other in the best ways possible– it is all about team effort, every day. God bless my team. Another fun fact is that I never studied hair accessories design, it was just a passion that I translated into a skill. It is a know-how (headpiece design) that I have created and which I perfected throughout the years with experience. 

Which other designer part of the EW family do you admire & why?  

I really hope our customers feel proud to wear a piece that has been made with dedicated craftsmanship,  honoring a vision, supporting a cause and celebrating femininity from its very root…From the hair.